Putting on Your Own Film Show.


If you would like Okehampton Moving Pictures to visit your village hall or community centre here are a few tips to help the event go smoothly.


Putting on a film show does cost. Although the OMP volunteers do not get paid, the film distributor and copyright owner does. The cost will vary depending upon the film - different distribution companies have different charge scales - so get in touch with us and we will advise you. The charge made by OMP will usually include the licensing, performance rights payments etc. for showing the film.


We are able to get hold of some films before their DVD release but because community cinema audiences are smaller and don't pay as much as the commercial cinema audience, a distributor does not earn as much from community cinemas; so OMP and other community cinemas are at the bottom of the distributors' priority list. When a new film does become available for community cinemas there are usually more requests than there are copies and a long waiting list. Some venues like to choose older films that the audience will not have seen on the big screen or films that were not championed by the big distributors. See our review page for ideas.

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OMP is quite flexible. As long as your venue has the appropriate entertainment license, can accommodate our equipment, can be blacked out and can seat enough paying audience to cover your costs, then we can probably help out. Some of our regular venues are licensed, some sell teas and coffees, ice creams, sweets, popcorn or hot dogs. Some organise event evenings for instance a curry followed by "Slumdog Millionaire". We will arrive in two or three cars and as some of the equipment is large and heavy, we would appreciate being able to park near the door.

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The OMP team will consist of at least two, possibly six people, depending upon equipment transport logistics. This team will bring the equipment to your venue, set it up, test it, project the film, strike the equipment and take it away. As the venue organiser you will need to provide Front of House staff to take payment and tickets, people to set out chairs, people to black out windows and doors and for any other jobs the event requires.

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Before we arrive make sure that the venue is empty, chairs are ready to be set out and black out material is in place or prepared. OMP will arrive about an hour before the doors open (i.e. about ninety minutes before the start time), so someone will need to meet them to open up and show them where the power sockets and light switches are. It will take about thirty minutes to set up the equipment after which the team will check the picture and sound quality adjusting it for your venue. (Some of the volunteers will have gone to load up the equipment straight from work, so this would be a good time to offer a cup of tea.) The screen is assembled flat on the floor and then lifted into place so, if you have set out some chairs in advance please leave out a few rows of seats at the front to ensure enough space, you can put them in place after the screen is raised. After the film show the OMP team will pack up the equipment, this will take about thirty minutes. If you are planning to continue the evening with further events please allow space, light and access for OMP to remove their equipment.

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