Film Reviews.

As a Community Cinema we are at the bottom of the pecking order on the distributors' list of desirable (i.e. profitable) venues; which means that the new release films are difficult (but not always impossible) to get hold of. Don’t let that worry you. The people in your village who want to see the new films in the first weeks of release would rather see them in the multiplex anyway. And it doesn’t mean that your choice is restricted. You can choose from a range of films that your audience missed or will rarely get the opportunity to see on a big screen. Anyway - the point of Community Cinema is to bring your community together to experience cinema as your own community event. To prompt some ideas, here are some films that our audiences have enjoyed.

Classic Films

Some like it hot film posterSome Like it Hot. Billy Wilder. 1959,

Starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. In 1929 Chicago Joe & Jerry, two impoverished musicians, witness a mob hit. They escape to Florida as part of an all girl jazz band, disguised as Josephine & Daphne. “Josephine’s” problem is how to seduce singer Sugar Kane, “Daphne’s” problem is how to avoid being seduced by Millionaire playboy Osgood Fielding the Third. And then the mob turns up. In 1960 this film was nominated for six oscars, winning the Best Costume Design for Orry Kelly. It was recently voted best ever comedy film by the US screenwriters guild.

From here to eternity film posterFrom Here To Eternity. Fred Zinnermann 1953.

Starring Bert Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr and Frank Sinatra. Set in and around Schofield Army base on Hawaii in 1941. A young Private is punished for refusing to Box for his unit. An officer’s wife and a Sargent are embarking on a secret affair. And the Japanese Air Force is heading for Pearl Harbor.


Family Films

The World's fastest Indian film posterThe World’s Fastest Indian Roger Donaldson 2006.

The Indian in this film is a 1920 600cc Indian Scout motorcycle, much modified by its New Zealander owner Burt Monroe played by Anthony Hopkins. This is the true story of how in 1967 Burt Monroe travelled to Bonneville Salt flats in the USA to take the world under 1000cc speed record.

Star wars film posterStar Wars. George Lucas 1977.

The first of the Star Wars films is still a hit with children who may be persuaded to dress up in character for a community cinema showing.



Children’s Films

Nanny McPhee film posterNanny McPhee. Kirk Jones 2005.

Emma Thompson and Colin Firth head up a largely British cast in the first Nanny McPhee film. A funny, magical and escapist morality tale.



Ratatouille film posterRatatouille. Brad Bird 2007.

The Disney/Pixar animated story of a young Rat who dreams of becoming a chef in the human world. Pixar has become the top producer of animated films. This one can be enjoyed by adults and children.



Foreign language Films

Only Human film posterOnly Human (Spanish)Dominic Harari & Teresa Pelegri 2005.

Leni’s Jewish family are expecting to meet her Israeli boyfriend. What she hasn’t told them is that Israeli can mean Palestinian. When the frozen soup is accidentally knocked from the high rise window hitting a familiar man in the street below; the meal becomes complicated.

The Motorcycle Diaries film posterThe Motorcycle Diaries (Spanish) Walter Salles 2004.

Based on the journal kept by the young Argentinian Ernesto (Che) Guevara on a road trip through 1950s South and Central America with his friend Alberto Granado on a Norton motorcycle. It was a journey that changed both men and led in turn to them wanting to change the world. It is funny and thought provoking at the same time.


Mamma Mia film posterMama Mia. Phylida Lloyd 2008.

Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Julie Walters, Colin Firth. A romantic story set on a Greek Island to the music of 1970s beat combo Abba. You’d think the songs where written for the story. Another one that some audiences encourage dressing up for - either as film characters for those that know the film or a chance to raid the wardrobe for something they haven’t worn since 1975 for the others. A sing-a-long version is available.

Mrs Henderson Presents film posterMrs Henderson Presents. Stephen Frears 2005.

Not strictly a musical but a film about a theatre that contains musical sequences. Judi Dench plays the newly widowed Mrs Henderson who, in 1930s London buys the Windmill theatre and employs Vivian Van Damm (Bob Hoskins) to manage it. The Windmill became famous for its all-nude tableaux and Blitz time “We Never Close” slogan.