The Technical Page.

This is the equipment that OMP will bring.


The PROJECTOR. Christie LX37 3500 Lumens with zoom lens

DVD projectorRequires one 13amp electricity socket. The Projector sits on an adjustable single column stand on top of a low level platform. It will be placed in line with the centre of the screen approximately 9 meters back from the screen, occupying a 2 meter square area, usually in a centre aisle. Seats can be placed in front of it if side aisles are preferred. There are two cables running to it which can be taped down and covered.

MISSION CONTROLDVD/tape player units

Contains the disc and tape players, a sound amplifier and mixer. It requires one 13amp electricity socket . The control unit should be placed where an operator can sit with it and monitor the projection. Usually at the side of the room level with the projector. The unit is not noisy like the old film projectors and will not disturb the audience. It takes up the space of a couple of chairs.

AmplifierSLAVE AMPs.

Two Yamaha amplifiers controlling the Sub Bass speaker, the centre speaker and the left and right front speakers. Requires two 13amp sockets. The amp will usually be placed behind or too one side of the screen on a low table. The settings are entered during setting up and there is usually no need to access it during the show.

SUB BASS SPEAKER EV Sb121 300 Watt. CENTRE SPEAKER EVSx 80B 175 Watt The sub bass and centre speakers

These two speakers sit under the centre of the screen. The Centre Speaker does most of the dialogue work and is tilted to point toward the audience. The Bass Speaker deals with the low sounds in music and special effects, it can sit behind the screen if there is not enough space under it. Each is connected by a cable to the Amplifier.



The side stereo speakerThe two front speakers sit on tripods at about head hight at either side of, and slightly in front of, the screen; as far apart as they can be usually about two meters from the edge of the screen. Each is connected by a cable to the amplifier. These speakers give a stereo effect and depending on the sound mix of the film, may be used for dialogue, music, sound effects or a bit of everything.


REAR LEFT & RIGHT SPEAKERS. EV Evid 4,2 30 Watt Rear speaker

The two rear speakers sit on tripods at about head hight behind and to either side of the audience. They are connected by cable to the control unit. They are mainly used for music and surround sound effects but depending on the mix of the film they could also be used for anything and everything.


BIG SCREEN 14ft (4.3M) x 10ft 6in (3.2M) Da-Lite folding screen. MEDIUM SCREEN 10ft 6in (3.2M) x 7ft (2.2M) Da-Lite folding screen.

the screenBoth screens sit on a self supporting frame and require approximately one meter in front and behind for the feet. Although the big screen is 3.2 meters high for good all round audience sight lines the frame needs to hold it about a meter and a half off the floor, so the big screen needs 14 feet or 4.6 meter clearance hight over its whole width of 14 feet. Similarly the Medium screen needs a clearance hight of 3.4 meters (11 feet) to get the 2.2 meter high screen high enough for the back row to see the full screen. Both screens are assembled flat on the floor and then raised into position.

a hall set up


A typical village hall set up looking from the screen end of the room.





typical hall set up



A typical vilage hall set up looking from the audience end of the room.